With over 20+ years in event staging and expertise in both AutoCAD & Vectorworks, we can help design, layout, and visualize your event in 3D space.   With rendering and animation capabilities in-house, Technical Elements can help take your “cocktail napkin” concept into reality.   Let us help you before your event loads in.

Being fluent in all the leading industry CAD software package we also offer production organization services.  This service will provide a “one stop” solution for the numerous production versions of CAD files that often exist and help insure all your team is working from the “same version”.  

Lastly, with over 350+ venues available in our library and a commitment to provide quick turnaround on layouts, Technical Elements can help you make sure your production will fit in your venue before the design process is completed.

For more information on our services or technical expertise, drop us an e-mail at or click an item to the left for a better idea of the services we offer.